About Dave Stieber

I am in my 14th year of teaching and 12th of teaching high school Social Studies in Chicago Public Schools. I am a National Board Certified Teacher. I hold my Masters degree from UIC in Urban Education Policy.

My teaching has been featured in Lisa Delpit’s 2nd book “”.

I am a contributor for

My writings have been featured on , , , , .

I was featured in , interviewed by the , , , , as well , and .

I am also a  Louder Than A Bomb spoken word .

I was part of a panel on racial injustices in Chicago Public Schools, where I spoke to over 200 future educators at DePaul University.

My partner is also a CPS teacher and I have two children. The oldest of the two attends CPS while the other is too young.

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12 thoughts on “About Dave Stieber


  2. I was really moved by your piece on Gapers Block today. I have been thinking abut moving to Englewood and would like to ask you a few questions privately. If you have the time can you email me?

  3. In regards to your article, “The Chicago Mercantile Exchange Maintaining the Status Quo in Chicago Public Schools”… Karen Lewis doesn’t quite understand the ramifications of a proposed tax hike per contract on exchange listed products. “Make heroes out of the wealthy people?”. No, actually this is an added expense on thousands of entrepreneurial Chicagoans who are grinding it out every single day in the capital markets. She is essentially asking self-employed traders, who work without a salary (relative to her 6 figure one), to accept a higher transaction cost simply because our politicians and Chicago Public School officials haven’t figured out how to balance a check book. Yes, the CME Group does receive significant tax breaks. Why? Because if Illinois wants to receive a cut of the revenue the CME Group brings in, it has to entice them to stay here. They can easily move operations to another state to escape these ridiculous taxes. There is no denying the Chicago Public School system is in dire need of funding but this isn’t the way to go.
    These kids need books and school materials yet $100mln is being spent on air conditioning? They need to get their priorities straight.

    • I agree with part of what you are saying that CPS needs new leadership starting with the mayor relinquishing mayoral control and our city getting an elected not appointed school board.

      Corporations and CEO’s are making never seen before record profits. They like to threaten everyone with moving somewhere better I agree, but this requires us to change some of the laws passed in the 1980s that gave corporations huge power and it requires us as consumers to vote (purchase) from companies that are really interested in making money AND helping our city. It is possible to do both and some companies are starting to do it. It is called Conscious Capitalism.

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  5. I am a senior high school student from NY and I am trying to reach Mr. Stieber. What is best email to contact him?

  6. Has anyone done a study of how much it costs to give everyone in the public schools free breakfast and lunch? Is this funded by the federal government or state? I know many public school teachers who live in areas where even children who live in very expensive 体彩官方apps and can clearly afford to buy their children food are receiving free food every single day and they say the amount of food that is not eaten is shameful. Fresh and healthy food is extremely expensive. I certainly appreciate and understand low income families receiving free food, but why not have the others pay for it. It doesn’t seem right. If I do not have the correct facts, please let me know. I couldn’t find much about it on the internet. I understand there is more administrative costs and paperwork if not everyone receives the free food, but I would bet it would still save a considerable amount of money. If there is a report on how much money is spent on breakfast and lunch, and perhaps snacks? , that would be very interesting to read. Thanks for any info you can provide.

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  8. Is there a way for me to contact you about a recent article that you published that would not be shown so publicly? I promise it is not attacking, I would just like to share my thoughts.

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